Sitting in a garage chair,  listening to Internet Radio and street activity.

High on cheap vodka and remembering the Wizard of Oz.

Trying to solve IE7 CSS div positioning problems, and thinking I’ve passed the point of objectivity, or coherency,

thinking about Tacos.

Did you hear that?

Sorry, just a moth.

Pragmatical economist in me demands I finish the bottle.

Humanist is too weak to respond.

The cells are rapidly deteriorating, not much I can do about that.

Do I accelerate the process, or combat it?

I’m going to die anyway.


Do you remember in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Veruca Salt at the end of her “I Want it Now!!” rant, jumped up on the Egg-dicator. She was identified as a bad egg and was dropped down the chute to the incinerator. Don’t you wish politicians were required to jump up on the Egg-dicator before they ran for office? If you are a “Career Politician”, what is your number one priority? Is it your constituents or your career? If your main source of income relies on staying in office, how objective can you be?

True Grit

Far removed from the actor who pretended to be so tough, the firemen who responded and risked their lives to help you are tough.  They risked their lives for you.  Why?  Okay, so it’s their job to fight fires.  Thinking for a moment about how you approach your job, how far are you willing to go?  Is there any time during the course of a day that you would lay down your life so that another may live?


If I were just a hair more vain, my flippant and insensitive last post would’ve been deleted. What I assumed would be another isolated Malibu event evolved into one the worst fire Camp Pendleton Fireincidents in California recorded history. My family and I were fortunate, other than breathing in a little ash and smoke, we were otherwise unaffected by the blaze. Last night (Tues. Oct. 23rd), I could see an orange glow on the hilltop in Camp Pendleton from my driveway. When my wife drove me up the street two blocks, we witnessed, along with concerned neighbors, the whipping and rasping of unbridled peaks of fire.

People are wearing protective breathing masks. Schools are being closed. Athletic events are being canceled. The main artery from L.A. to San Diego has been closed. Trains are stopped. People are constantly watching updates in fear to learn whether or not their houses are safe or if they need to evacuate. I apologize for my vapid past and will strive to improve myself and my posts.Neighbors watching the blaze

Malibu’s on fire, Again.

Every six to ten years, Malibu is set ablaze. In 1835, Richard Henry Dana was sailing north from San Pedro to Santa Barbara and noted a “vast blaze along the coast of Jose Tapia’s Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit”. The cupola things here worth noting are that A) Fires are a fact of life in this region. and B) We’re not as evolved as we think we are. When you consider that any of us who have lived in Southern California for any length of time are frighteningly aware of the situation, and yet, we continue to exacerbate the problem by rebuilding. I have a question for those who argue that the pros outweigh the cons in regard to rebuilding in Malibu. What!!, you got a head full of rocks? What makes you think that this time will be different?

Cupola Questions

The Bush Administration has at most committed crimes against it’s citizenry and the world, and at least been less then honest about it’s activities and motivations.  Are we afraid to do anything about it?  There are several well known websites/blogs that make accusations against this administration.   There are several news programs that have proven in some cases that all is not well.  What holds the rest of us back?  Is party dedication more important human life?  If the party holds self-preservation as it’s number one priority, isn’t that missing the point.  What’s your description of a “Career Politician?”  Are “Career Politician’s” good for the country?

What do you think?