The Whistleblowers – Snake Lover Man

So on Friday, November 12th, 2010 we played a stinky little dive called Fitzgerald’s in Huntington Beach.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disparaging Fitzgerald’s.  At least they have the cajones to feature unknown original bands on weekend nights.  Live bands, Original Music! Holy Crap, Really?

Hey, I still have kids under 18, so I use terms like “crap” and “cajones” if you don’t like it, blow.

The camera sucked, the lighting was bad, but neither was as bad as the sound, so here you go:

The Whistleblowers

Long Beach (June 4th, 2010)

The Whistleblowers infiltrated the 2nd City Council Art Gallery and Performance Space in Long Beach for a performance that can only be referred to as their first.  What do you want, a critique? Figure it out for yourself:

The Strangers – May 22nd, 2010

Huntington Beach, CA – The Strangers performed at Fitzgerald’s in Huntington Beach on a warm Saturday night, opening for No Crisis and The Crowd.  The half-hour set was exciting and well received.  Veteran punk rocker Rob Milucky heads up the band on guitar.  Front man David Stucken handles lead vocals and the rhythm section is comprised of Shane Haddock on bass and Julian Kelly on drums.

The clip below is a song called Saint Marys.  I applaud Fitzgerald’s  for having the cajones to feature bands like the Strangers, however like other clubs of this ilk, sound and lighting can be a challenge.  The band was tight, the set was consistent and the performance was passionately energetic.

Watch for these guys because their star is on the rise.


The group “Save San Clemente Open Space” neglects to weigh in on a conversion of open space just two weeks after a locally publicized open space issue.

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Last Recreational Open Space in San Clemente, PLEASE!

Charles Mann and the group “Save San Clemente Open Space” want you to believe that Pacific Golf Club represents the Last Large Recreational Open Space in San Clemente. The city of San Clemente has one of greatest percentages of open space in all of California. Do you know how many cities there are in California? They will say anything, meaning they lie like crazy, to get your support.

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