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buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy night

1 in 10 homeowners behind on mortgage or in foreclosure. 533,000 jobs lost in November. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. US Big 3 automakers asking for $34 billion bailout. 30 daily newspapers up for sale from New York to Los Angeles. Temp worker crushed to death in black friday free-for-all. Pirates make a comeback in Somalia.

Welcome to earth, 2008

Do you clean your own toilet? My definition of prosperous depends solely on whether or not you have a toilet to clean. If you have your own toilet, you’re not doing too bad. What about this other stuff? Not really important.

Fat and happy

Ignore practicality and common sense and go with what feels good. Believer of belief, believe and all that you wish will dematerialize. Stay within predefined, controllable boundaries of observation and comprehension, disavow ideas that don’t suit you. Blindfolded travel.

Don’t look back

Forward thinking.  Irrelevant past.


Same as it ever was.

Dedicated to Neil Aspinall 10/13/1941 – 03/23/2008

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