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Malibu’s on fire, Again.

Every six to ten years, Malibu is set ablaze. In 1835, Richard Henry Dana was sailing north from San Pedro to Santa Barbara and noted a “vast blaze along the coast of Jose Tapia’s Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit”. The cupola things here worth noting are that A) Fires are a fact of life in this region. and B) We’re not as evolved as we think we are. When you consider that any of us who have lived in Southern California for any length of time are frighteningly aware of the situation, and yet, we continue to exacerbate the problem by rebuilding. I have a question for those who argue that the pros outweigh the cons in regard to rebuilding in Malibu. What!!, you got a head full of rocks? What makes you think that this time will be different?

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