Totaled the car pt 1

Front end

Kiah and Miles were laughing about something we’ve already forgotten.

“Kiah, please kill Siri, I don’t need her directions anymore”




(in the diamond lane <91 east>, weds before Thanksgiving, 730ish)


Dave walks towards the slightly damaged car in front of him

Me: “Are you guys okay?”

Mark: “I think so, just shaken up”

Mark: “Can I take a picture  of your insurance card?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Can I take a picture or your license?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Should we call the police?”

Me: “No airbag deployment, they probably won’t come out.”

Mark: “Will you say it’s your fault?”

Me: “umm…I rear ended’s pretty clear it’s my fault.”

(he’s freaking a little, but… we were stopped in the diamond lane at rush hour the day before Thanksgiving)



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