Tired of Trump

Getting tired of Trump press coverage. 

understand it.


American Idol, Housewives of…, Big Brother, Survivor, Kardasians, etc


When Trump gets called on the inaccuracy of his assertions, he doubles down. He screams it louder. He’s banking on the fact that the American public is too lazy or stupid to fact-check his statements. So far it’s working. Anybody familiar with Romans?


Let me get this straight, a billionaire real estate developer wants to put an end to the EPA?

I’m in shock.

Vulgar – 2016

Marco Rubio is absolutely correct.

The best term to use in regard to Drumpf is ‘vulgar’.

Hate to admit it, but I am dumb-founded at Drumpf’s popularity.


Trumped Up

Kudos to Donald Trump

Like Sarah Palin before him, he’s getting the GOP fired up. The media won’t leave him alone. Enigmatic, bombastic, (choose your adjective), but newsworthy (at least in today’s subjective news environment).

News has always been about ‘if it bleeds it leads’. Sensationalism sells papers, prime-time, whatever. Just kind of bummed that it’s so hard to find an objective news source.

Clearly, owners of major media outlets lean.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

-Vladmir Lenin

Trump is a study in 2016 politics.

Louis Farrakhan said

“Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility and the more he pulls the skin of that onion back, he’s beginning to show something in the character of the whites that follow him, that they don’t care what he says.”

Absolutely true.

I’m white (although with any luck, more beige in summer). I see it.

I heard the racist jokes, euphemisms, mind-set, growing up. Because I looked a certain way.

The white-folk trusted me.

I grew up in a color blind house.

My parents were jazz musicians and people in my house were judged on the level of their talent. period.

I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to hate black people until 1st grade.

By then it was too late.

I already knew if you’re human, you’re human, duh..


It’s a shame

Can’t figure out why people I know, love and respect aren’t doing their homework

Suppose it’s an age trap thing

We get older and frailer, accompanied by a tad more fear, i surmise, i assume..(i see my hands shaking a little more, but ignore. )

i hear/see them espouse ideals RE: the ‘Good ole days’

dude, dudettes..

The good ole days weren’t necessarily that good.

Yes, you were younger and may have been stronger (sneaky internal smiles about shit you did, saw, experienced).


But at some point you got lazy.

Latched on to the bits that appealed to you (whether they were true or not), because they made you feel better.

Lost the fight to face the uncomfortable.

It’s a shame


2016 | Where Am I?

appears I approach myself once a year.

Male/USCitizen/Caucasian/Over54(#damn-didn’t-think-i’d-make-it-this-far)(didn’t really want to)(dad didn’t)

really like my job (and the people that are a part of it)


dad died (92), divorced (10), mom died (12)

still spin

in the room when dad passed

tried cpr (didn’t work, it was cancer after all, silly me)

watched mom take useless breaths over days, damn she fought

we missed it by a few hours, she waited for us to leave before she left.

still angry about the DIVORCE

still angry

still angry

still angry

still angry

still angry

probably could write that incessantly, maybe have, have

miss my son.

I have better kids than you. period.

let me be clear..my kids are better than your kids. period.


proud doesn’t begin…


I’m sure your kids are great too. Sorry.

(still not as talented, creative, intelligent as mine.)

we can argue that over an 18 year-old Maccallen, I’ll buy.




Hello 2015

Yeah, I know it’s a day late. Had to work today, plus my girlfriend was giving me shit..

didn’t realize she was such a control freak until I started living with her…always the case right?

Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely..

But there are times when she’s “General Becky”

Doling out orders in a military tone, emotionally escalating to rage… 

Not sure why, have some ideas, but she doesn’t want to talk to me about that.

But then, we all have our own eccentricities, self-perceived failings and crosses to bear.

The trick is owning them…

Goodbye 2014


A lot happened … it just didn’t feel like much.

No strong feelings either way.

Glad to see it go, not glad…whatever.

What I’d really like is to have a burger with my son.  That would make any ‘time’ special. To have a conversation, to see his smile, hear his laugh, listen to his opinions.





Steve Jobs and Flash

I never met the man, so I can’t say with any authority why, but clearly Mr. Jobs was not a fan of Flash.

Adobe Flash (the engine that brought us many very cool animation tools.)

Maybe if Macromedia had not been gobbled up by Adobe, it would still be cool…maybe not.

Paraphrasing – Flash heats up our cpu’s…..too much.

That’s why iPhones, iPads don’t support Flash.



The Answer Is Yes, What Was The Question?

Can we change the top menu to say Register/Login?


Can we change the sidebar width to 300px?


Can we have live Maine lobster for dinner tonight?


It’s like my mom said..can’t means won’t, because there is very little that “can’t” be done.

We are only limited by our imagination and determination.

Conniving Collections Agencies

The Aim Is To Intimidate, Frighten And Cajole

I don’t begrudge anyone a chance to make a living, and for the most part, don’t judge what line of work they choose. Using less-than-honest tactics to achieve an objective is not ideal, but it has worked, so it’s use continues.

My brother calls me-

Mike (my brother):

Dave, we got a call from someone saying they’re looking for Lisa (my ex-wife) to serve a summons


Mike, people who serve summons don’t call first (unless it’s a prearranged “friendly serve“).


It sounds pretty serious.


Mike, it’s a collections agency.


Collections agencies routinely use fear and intimidation to try to collect and they bank on your ignorance.

I call the number Mike gave me and a deep, male voice answers:


Corporate Office


Hey, somebody from this number called my sister-in-law about some kind of issue.


What’s your name?


David Kelsen, they called for Lisa Kelsen.


Nobody from this number called.


This was the number they gave her, so somebody called. I didn’t make it up.


What’s it about?


They said there was a summons.


Oh right, there’s a process server in San Clemente trying to find Lisa. There’s a civil case against her and we need to serve papers before we go to court.


Can you tell me what it’s about?


Who’s Lisa to you?


My ex-wife


We can’t share that information, if you were still married I could tell you but…


You said civil case right? Well that’s public information, you can share that with me or give me the case number.


We don’t have a case number yet, the summons is for verification.

Me (getting heated):

You don’t get a summons without filing first and getting a case number, look, you’re talking to the wrong guy about this…this is some kind of collections issue, what’s the issue here? You guys are calling and pestering my family with phone calls about a non-existent summons..

Voice (interrupting):

Hey, don’t yell at me about how I do business, what do you want?


I want you to stop calling my family.


Then ask me to remove their numbers from the call list.


This company tries to frighten friends and/or relatives by threatening that there is a summons and they infer that the person could get arrested unless they comply.

Total BS.

Red Flags

1. When I call the toll-free number, the voice answers “Corporate Office”.

It’s totally anonymous, no company id.

2. “There’s a process server looking for…”

Unless it’s a prearranged “friendly serve”, which typically means the attorneys in the case arrange for the serve, a process server will never call to alert the subject. Threatening to serve a summons is a scare tactic.

3. “summons for verification”

No such thing. Summons are not issued without a case being filed. period.

 Bottom Line

There are two major points to keep in mind when dealing with collections agencies.

  1. You can’t trust anything they say
  2. They are heavily regulated

If you tell them to stop calling, they are legally obligated to do so. If they don’t, they risk legal retribution or they are not legit. In either case, if they don’t leave you alone, contact the police.

 Look, we all have times in our lives when things don’t work out they way we planned or would have liked. Ultimately, you are responsible and accountable for your financial obligations. Sometimes things go to collections, it sucks, but it happens.

It doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to their lies and intimidation.

The best thing I can leave you with is to be informed. Do the research.

The cliche is true:  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER