Totaled the car pt 1

Front end

Front end

Kiah and Miles were laughing about something we’ve already forgotten.

“Kiah, please kill Siri, I don’t need her directions anymore”




(in the diamond lane <91 east>, weds before Thanksgiving, 730ish)


Dave walks towards the slightly damaged car in front of him

Me: “Are you guys okay?”

Mark: “I think so, just shaken up”

Mark: “Can I take a picture  of your insurance card?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Can I take a picture or your license?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Should we call the police?”

Me: “No airbag deployment, they probably won’t come out.”

Mark: “Will you say it’s your fault?”

Me: “umm…I rear ended’s pretty clear it’s my fault.”

(he’s freaking a little, but… we were stopped in the diamond lane at rush hour the day before Thanksgiving)



dreams 111317

Fell asleep 8ish

Woke up 12ish

read news, FB, more news

2ish tried drifting back to slumber. 

on and off

on dream:

landing on a highway from the sky,

driving incredibly fast on 4-lane road,

little to no control,

crash imminent.

awoke heart pounding.

{breathe, breathe slower}

on dream2:

woke up in becky’s house,

all her girls are there,

{thrilled, but surprised, nobody lives there anymore.}

ask time — 6:30am – IM LATE!

awoke anxious.

on dream3:


a problem looming.

i solve it.



J vs H 01

You are an adept high functioning alcoholic

You are able to maintain

You’ve been able to cover, so far

You’ve also said you could abstain.


Convinced many  (Mr. H is writing this, just so you know)



Ammi greb

Ammi Greb you bastard

Looking at me like you care

Staring at me like A Hog

Waiting for a ..

Waiting, wait

i’d like to say that today was different, but it was like any other day. like every other day. but it was different, just the same.

When the canoodles start calling you by name, you know there’s a problem. 

when the problems start canoodling, it’s even better.

the view from down here is amazing.

the amazing from here is down.

The down from amazing is here

here is down amazing


I’m skin tone white


I’m skin-tone white. 

Wasn’t apprised of that til around 3rd grade.

My house growing up was filled with jazz musicians.

Never taught skin tone was a factor.

Learned it in school though. 

Learned that I was part of the white club.

ignorance and fear.  two prerequisites of the white club. 

White folk: deny you’ve heard n-word jokes from white brethren. 

Did you laugh? I know you did (at least sometimes), I was there. 



i guess i’m just trying to figure out why I have to pay.

i didn’t cheat, i didn’t beat, i didn’t abuse

i didn’t leave..

i did provide support. emotional, financial


woke up one morning to an empty house. it was a sunday (not necessarily uncommon)

until i discovered empty closets and drawers.



Presidential Election 2016

what a mess..

I’ve not personally dealt with either candidate. Never seen them up close. Not seen the look in their eye, translated their charisma or felt the embodiment of their spirit.

Without close personal contact, it’s hard to form an accurate assessment (at least for me).

There is documentation.

What would it look like, two columns, pros/cons. 

Positive things they’ve done, negative things they’ve done.

Positive things they’ve said, negative things they’ve said.

How would that stack?

A Comedian’s Take

Jay Leno said something on KFI today that resonated, and I’m paraphrasing:

“Every guy should get the crap beat out of him, at least one time in his life. Like John McCain said ‘torture doesn’t work.’ John McCain was tortured for 5 years. He coulda come home after two years, if he had turned on his friends or said something treasonous, but he didn’t. He stayed another 3 or 4 years. Okay, if he says torture doesn’t work,  I’m going to believe him. I’m not going to believe a kid who went to prep school, whose dad gave him a million dollars. Y’know, like I said, my dad was a prize fighter. And I was not a very good fighter, but I meet successful guys all the time, who have never been mugged, never been in a fight, but they just think they’re the toughest guys in the world. They just think they can take anybody. But when you see that fist come down, and pound your head in the ground, you think, maybe there’s a better way.”

Tired of Trump

Getting tired of Trump press coverage. 

understand it.


American Idol, Housewives of…, Big Brother, Survivor, Kardasians, etc


When Trump gets called on the inaccuracy of his assertions, he doubles down. He screams it louder. He’s banking on the fact that the American public is too lazy or stupid to fact-check his statements. So far it’s working. Anybody familiar with Romans?


Let me get this straight, a billionaire real estate developer wants to put an end to the EPA?

I’m in shock.