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Please Kill Our Soldiers

Pastor Terry Jones and Al Qaeda – Same Action, Same Result

Terry JonesBurn All The Books.  Burning books is good.  Books introduce subversive ideology into the minds of our young. Raid the libraries,  set Barnes & Noble ablaze, Nuke the educational institutions (oh yeah, institution – that’s a bad word, right? Cool.)

According to statements by Florida preacher Terry Jones, God wants our soldiers to die.  God wants Terry and his army of toothless inanity to enrage the muslim world, whilst our armed forces, our sons and daughters are in the crosshairs, brilliant.

At least Al Qaeda thought it was brilliant, because it proved to galvanize uneducated, disconnected communities against the west, which serves their purposes very well. I mean really, you know how your flock would react if they learned that muslims down  the street were burning bibles, right?

General David Petraeus publicly stated that it was a BAD idea.  But don’t listen to him Terry, he’s only in charge and actually has responsibility for our sons, our daughters, our mothers and our fathers fighting in that part of the world.  General Petraeus lives and breathes this issue, day in and day out. You, Terry, on the other hand have responsibility for their souls.  Thank God.  Because you’ve traveled extensively over there and are well aware of the situation, right Terry?

So for God’s sake, don’t listen to Petraeus.  You have God on your side.

Were Jesus alive, he’d be standing right next to you, holding his Bic Lighter ready to torch the next copy, because that was his way, right?

I distinctly remember reading the “Search & Destroy” scripture, the “We’ll all live, after we kill you” scripture, the “Slash each cheek with a bowie knife” scripture.  Sure, those were my favorites.

Hey, Terry…

Please don’t consider that your country was actually founded on the freedom of religion, naw, that just weakens your argument.  Besides, your parishioners don’t read that shit anyway (and they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, but you already knew that, huh Terry).  The constitution was written by a bunch of mutinous malcontents.  Imagine, being forced to follow one particular god, one religion…

Thank god you’re not bound by such incredulous notions, right Terry?

Some pinko hippie might suggest that by reading the satan-saturated text, one could learn about a culture that constitutes a large percentage of the world’s population, and use it to one’s advantage, but such aspirations are obviously misguided and obtuse.  (do you need a minute to google “obtuse” Terry?)

Because someone of your obvious mental superiority and worldly wisdom would surely recognize the far-reaching repercussions of their actions, right?

Obviously God has a greater plan.  You’ve spoken to him, right?  God is aware that the seemingly innocuous action of setting fire to the tantamount symbol of an immense portion of the world populations belief system won’t negatively affect my cousin in Afghanistan, right.  I can count on you Terry, right?

Should my cousin direct their amen to God, or you Terry?