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Iran Kicks US Ass

Iran Kicks US Ass in voter turnout

80% voter turnout in Iran.  When was the last time the US hit 80%?  Before you go off googling, I’ll tell you.  It was 1876 between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden.  The results were highly disputed, familiar right, and you better know who the winner was.

In what was touted as the largest voter turnout in 40 years (and it was) the 2008 US presidential election came in at 56.8%.

Call it an interpretation, call it speculation, call it opinion, but based on the results, I’m comfortable stating that the people of Iran are more interested in the direction of their country than citizens of the United States.

Apathy.  56.8% is apathy.  We all jump on the “support our troops” bandwagon, but if you don’t vote you disrespect those who give their lives for your right to do so.

Is it more complicated than that?

Of course.