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San Clemente City Council Candidate Crosby recently stated in the Sun Post News, “The streets of San Clemente today are a police state patrolled by sadists and thugs…”.  This remark makes two things very clear. 

1. Mr. Crosby has no clue what a police state is, and

2. He is short on aptitude and long on attitude, thereby eliminating himself as a potential candidate for anything, at least in my book.

In online forums people who spew this grade of swill are referred to as trolls.  There were no examples supporting the accusations made, nor were there any solutions offered other than re-instituting the city police force which merged with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 1993. How well do you think Mr. Crosby considered the fiscal ramifications of that statement? I’m sure there weren’t any complaints against the SCPD in the 68 years they ran police services.  Please choose wisely in Novemeber.

David Kelsen

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