Daily Journal


At 5 or 8 years old we listened to Hopalong Cassidy records.

We acted out the scenes with precision.

We fought with “Hoppy” and “Windy” for truth and justice.

How stupid we felt when we learned that truth and justice didn’t really mean anything. That there are no rewards for doing the right thing. That the desire we had to help would be lambasted by those whose only wish was self-gratification. That the winners were not the pure of heart, but those most adept at manipulation and deception.

As our communities grew and we became more disparate and disenfranchised. The apathy within us became a reflex and choked off hope. As the sheer volume of information overwhelmed us on a daily, if not hourly basis, we were resigned to headline-only reading or article skimming at best. We derive our opinions based on incomplete or unresearched information. We believe what we want or whatever best suits our current situation. We’re concerned with benefiting our current circumstance, rather than making educated decisions that will benefit us and our families in the future.

That Sucks, besides being really stupid and selfish.