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Dick Cheney vs Eric Holder – Should We Investigate the CIA?

ex-Vice President Cheney has strong words for Attorney General Eric Holder’s pending investigation of past wrongs…what a surprise.

Cheney vs Holder

Should a special prosecutor investigate alleged criminal acts by the CIA?

According to ex-Vice President Dick Cheney and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, the answer is a resounding “NO”.  Their unified opinion is that it would harm the morale of the CIA in wartime and could compromise the work of the agency.  They also believe that what’s done is done.  Why go back when the laws have been changed and problems  corrected?

Dick Cheney argues that the agents who carried out the illegal maneuvers should not be prosecuted because they were following orders.  For once, I completely agree with Dick Cheney.  The paranoid, autocratic-minded and contemptuous government official who gave the instructions is the one who should be prosecuted.  Yes, I’m speaking of Dick Cheney.

We impeached a president once who thought he was above the law, but apparently there are others who’ve forgotten about that dent in our liberty or have dismissed it.

Did the torture tactics work?

On Sunday, (Aug. 30, 2009) John McCain stated on CBS’ “Face the Nation“:

the use of torture on terrorism suspects violated international law, didn’t work, and actually helped al Qaeda recruit additional members. – John McCain

Back in May, Former FBI agent Ali Soufan also indicated that the “harsh interrogation techniques may actually have hindered the collection of intelligence, causing a high-value prisoner to stop cooperating.”

The FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice have all made statements that torture is ineffective in that the information extracted is unreliable.

But if you ask Dick Cheney, he says it kept our country from attacks.

Inhibit US Military Progress in Afghanistan?

If those who broke international law are brought to justice, will that compromise the US objective in Afghanistan?  The goal is to end the Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s influence and power in the region.  In order to do that, it would seem necessary to have the people of Afghanistan on our side.

Foreign occupiers have unsuccessfully attempted to rule that barren strip of wasteland for 2000 years.  It seems hardly likely that success can be achieved independent of the people that live there.

It would stand to reason then that one way to aid the repair of our tarnished reputation overseas would be to address the sinister acts of this slice of evil that permeated our recent history.  Of course that would be the second reason to prosecute those responsible for reducing the world’s perception of our nation to an uncontrollable mob of hooligan hypocrites.  The first is that it’s the right thing to do.

What’s Cheney Afraid of?

What isn’t he afraid of, although in this case his own incarceration could be a start.  Any who participated in these egregious acts should be put on notice, but those who ordered the deeds need to be held accountable.  For those responsible and other authorities who sat idly while our constitution was spat on,  the full letter of the law needs to be exercised.  Why would people of integrity act any other way? Are you surprised at the united front of those who share culpability? Are you comfortable with allowing alleged criminal activity for the elite be disregarded, again?

CIA Morale, World Perception and National Security

Former CIA agent Jack Rice has stated on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” that the agents who carried out the rogue acts were a minority.  That the supervisors who handed down the orders were also few, compared to the many respectable, dignified and honorable men and women in the service of our great nation.  Saying the investigation will harm morale is like saying removing the bad apples is going to spoil the bunch.  It’s bass-ackwards

If the world sees that we have identified an instance of wrongdoing and are taking responsible action to correct it, won’t that improve our image?  President Obama took legal moves to block the release of detainee photos showing misbehavior of war prisoners with the correct conviction that the images in question would only harm our image and put lives overseas at risk.

In my humble worthless opinion, crimes against people, our constitution and our integrity have been committed and retribution is required.  Doing the right thing is never wrong.  I applaud the courage of Attorney General Eric Holder.