Daily Journal


Heart aflutter

From a dream

imagine that

I show up at her door. Unannounced. Trepidation drips wet wads

Dream rejection’s okay because you wake up, right?

Three types of dreams; good, bad and huh?

I show up at her door unannounced, heart pulsing, shoulders twitch.

Goosebumps, chills, stomach-butterflies – so real (dream real [which can eclipse real-real sometimes])

I had my phone, eerily inconsequential, yet important (maybe)…

She smiled at me, she hugged me, she kissed me on ┬áthe cheek…



Damn if it wasn’t a “die at any time” moment.

[personal observation]

If there’s one thing I know about this woman is that she’s complex.


One of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.

Intimately elusive

Her wisdom is cultured and emanates from a place few will ever understand.

Few have survived that which she has smote.


We talk but we’re busy preparing, slip right back to where we’d left off (well maybe not the last week or so)

The room is growing, people are appearing, friends from high school, all the sudden there’s a bar, it ‘s a hall, it’s not her house at all, we’re busy, more sweet-n-sour, “dude! how are you?”, people keep streaming in, I don’t know them all, she’s busy, I’m busy, she’s so beautiful..

Where’s my phone?…

I’m concerned, we look, I ask her to call me

[dream ends]











gentle tap of intimacy,

full emotion,

life changed.


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