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Trump Indicted

I do not take joy in a former president of the united states being criminally indicted.

People are losing their minds.

I wish objectivity could reenter the conversation.

This is HUGE and little at the same time.

First thing to consider is the law.

Second is State vs Federal law.

Then let’s consider narrative, talking points, spin and how manipulation of information is causing a storm of redirected/misdirected emotion.

Emotion fuels action.

Emotionally charged actions are not always fair, accurate or true.

Actions fueled by emotion are not always reasonable.

Actions fueled by emotion are not always balanced.

Refusing to contemplate all sides of an argument, because there is an emotional attachment to one side or another is bias.

Refusing to seek all sides of an argument is ignorance.

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Conservative Contradictions 01

The United States Supreme Court recently overturned Roe v Wade.

Conservatives want you to believe they advocate for less government, and for deregulation and personal freedom.

This action is exactly the opposite.

It strips away the protections of personal choice. It strips away the ability for women to decide for themselves.

It increases the level of governmental intervention and control.

The Supreme Court is now illegitimate.

They no longer represent the law nor the interests of the majority.



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If you watched 2000 Mules, but refuse to watch the Jan 6 Hearings, then you are factually illiterate.

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The Overton Window Explained (YouTube video)

An attractive African-American woman explains her version of the Overton Window.

I absolutely agree with her description of how the Overton Window works.

In the presentation, however, she uses presumptuous language designed to guide the viewer to a pointed narrative, using the terms “research” and “evidence”.

Research and evidence are in quotation marks, because there are no references to research or evidence in the clip I watched. Which makes it conjecture and opinion.

The first red flag for me was a black woman letting white supremacist’s off the hook. I am paraphrasing here but the message is that blaming white nationalists and white supremacists implies a lower level of intelligence (“How to think beyond stage one”), and then stumping for another one of her videos. Smartly done, for sure, but also self ingratiating.

But when she starts pontificating about gay and trans, the wheels start coming off the message.

It becomes clear that she is coming from a right-wing, quasi-religious, conservative ideology.

She implies that trans leads to pedophilia.

It doesn’t.

Pedophiles are sick individuals of all sexual persuasions.

Then we get into socialism = communism, new world order, etc. It gets laughable/pathetic after that.

Complete right-wing rubbish.

But convincing propaganda, for some.

Learn more about Jesus.

Not whatever version of the bible you’re reading. Not whatever translation or interpretation.

Jesus may have been a real person.

But please put this in context.

The letter J did not exist when Jesus was alive.


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Memorial Day – 2022

Today we honor those who fought and died for our freedom.

Those who fought and died, under the auspice of the United States of America.

Those who trusted the US Government to send them into harm’s way.

The courage, bravery and sacrifice of these individuals is beyond reproach.

They believed.

Believed in what they were doing, believed in their purpose.

These people are heroes. Each and every one.


Does the US Government deserve this level of loyalty?

Just like Russia is taking Ukraine (albeit more successfully), the US took this real estate by force. We decimated the denizens of North America and claimed this land for our own.

We had superior weapons, numbers, and zero morals.

We built railroads, and shot humans with rifles for sport. We called them savages.

We imported labor from Africa.

The beginnings of our capitalist/democratic society.

Hey, we weren’t the only ones. Slaves have been a condition of society since the beginning of society.

Still doesn’t make it right.

But now that we’ve evolved (purportedly), and have accepted that all humans are human. But that’s not really true, is it?

Some of you out there think people of a different color are somehow inferior, and don’t deserve the same respect. Or, you’re intimidated by the skills people of color.

I just realized I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a colorless person. I have no color. I am not a person of color, so I have no color.

What does that make me?

I’m good with colorless. I’m a colorless person.


Fear of losing what you have.

Fear of change.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear, ignorance and anger, together (like a spoiled stew) are motivators.

It’s stronger than faith.

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Robb Elementary – 5/24/22

Of course it happened again,

nothing has changed.

Small children gunned down.


Small children going to school, to learn

Small children who won’t have another sack lunch

Who won’t watch their favorite shows

Who won’t fight with their siblings or parents

Who won’t look at you big-eyed and beaming love

Who won’t hold you tight when they’re scared

Who won’t hold you tight because they love you

Who won’t.

Small children bled to death, again


Why can criminals and the mentally ill still buy firearms legally?

Why are ghost guns legal?

Why does anyone, other than military personnel, need high-capacity magazines in semi to fully automatic weapons?

Why is it so easy to convert an assault rifle to fully automatic?


Yes, but the bullets come from a gun.


Not always. Not if the gunman is fully suited in tactical gear. Just ask Aaron Salter, Jr.

Oh wait, you can’t, he’s dead.


The Archie Bunker method. Just distribute guns to the entire population. Gun related deaths are surely to decrease if that happens. Especially at Walmart!

18 (and counting) innocents were slaughtered today.

Here’s a thought:

Close all gun shops, gun purveyors, gun shows, any entity that sells firearms for 30 days after a mass shooting.

Make it a law.

Watch who breaks the law, and they will, and incarcerate them.

When is enough, enough?

When do you do something about it?


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Roe v Wade

This is not a God issue, this is a governmental control issue.

Decisions about pregnancy are a family decision. Period.

Worldly laws should support that freedom of choice. For a myriad of legitimate reasons.

If you are truly NOTW and believe in God, this should be abundantly clear.

If you truly believe God is in control, you should have no problem with that.

If you believe that God is the one making life and death decisions, then you need to accept that.

A minority group, mischaracterizing this as a pro-life concern has manipulated you into thinking you’re saving children.

It’s none of your business. You don’t know the details. And worse, you don’t care.

Fighting so hard to protect the unborn, but then offer nothing to the born. To the unwanted, abused child.



Guilty Pleasure


I live in a four-plex, facing a mirror image four-plex across from me.

It’s how they built things in the 70’s.

I often peak through the blinds of my sliding glass door,

Sometimes because I hear a noise, but most the time because I’m curious.

Saw the upstairs apartment denizens across the way leaving, walking somewhere, they didn’t know anyone was watching,

They were smiling at each other.

A love smile, A joy smile, A Yes smile.

Love radiated in each of their gazes, to and for each other.


126 and the 14th amendment blunder

Regardless of your opinion on election integrity, 126 Republicans, idiotically, violated the 14th Amendment, section 3, of the United States Constitution.

The barrage of error-filled, poorly written lawsuits against only states Trump lost, collectively represent an attempted coup initiated by Donald John Trump. His intent, admittedly, is to subvert the 2020 general election results.

Any Senate or House member that submitted or joined an amicus brief, in a purely legal sense, effectively violated their sworn duty to protect the constitution, as I understand it.

They acted to circumvent or overthrow the law.

Last I checked, we’re still a country of laws. The Supreme Court confirmed that with their decision to completely blow-off the frivolous, last ditched effort to retain control, launched by the great state of Texas.

You may have noticed that not one US Senator joined the suit, they were all House members. Oh, and two fictitious states joined, New California and New Nevada…..Really?

Not one Senator.

If you’re still convinced there was widespread, systemic fraud, you have the ability to obtain the actual court documents in most of the 50 legal filings, including evidence presented by Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and the parade of lawyers Trump hired in his attempt to overturn millions of legal ballots.

It’s public record. Right now, today you can obtain actual court documents.

You can decide for yourself if the evidence was credible.

I implore you to do that.

Then, please hire the personnel necessary to corroborate and verify the findings. It will take several hours.

If there was widespread, systemic fraud, was it only in those 5 or so states? If it was widespread and systemic, wouldn’t it be all states?

YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Parler & Instagram posts are not evidence. Opinions of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson are not evidence. Well produced videos and selective reporting by OAN and Newsmax are not evidence.

They are propaganda and click bait. It’s about the money for them.

The Republican party is self-destructing over ratings and currying favor. Over market share.

They’re not afraid of Trump, physically, personally, they’re afraid of pissing off his base. Losing votes and the funds associated with Trump’s support.

It’s about the money. Not our money, their money.

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I figured out Trump, and I’m not angry anymore

Riled beyond belief.

That was a daily event for me, but then I figured it out.

Trump’s blatant lies, misinformation campaign, personal attacks, incompetence, prejudice, inability to take responsibility, the list goes on.

But it’s all part of the plan.

Or rather, it’s all part of the show.

Trump will not concede and will continue to be a spectacle. It’s partially narcissism, but mostly customer retention.

He has a captive audience consisting of 10’s of millions of fervent supporters, who are also active American voters.

That’s the reason so many Republican politicians also do not officially recognize Biden’s win. Yet.

Trump’s departure from the White House will be spectacular and a nationally televised event.


Because it’s theater, drama, it’s good TV.

Do you want to know the secret? What I figured out?

It’s about the money. It’s always been about the money.

Trump donates a quarter of his salary, each fiscal quarter and retains $1 as annual income, because it’s illegal for a president of the USA to work for free.

Fact: Trump is making money from being president.

Visiting USA politicians and foreign dignitaries stay in Trump hotels and resorts. When he travels, he and his substantial entourage stay at Trump properties, at full pop.

Political events take place at Trump properties, including at his inauguration.

In the past, that kind of story would make be blow my top, but not now.

What do addiction professionals say? The first step is recognizing the problem.

I recognize that Trump is about the money, and has always been about the money. So are his kids, because they don’t know anything different.

Everything handed to them, every step of the way. Kinda like Olivia Jade admitting that (to three black women, marketing? just sayin’) she was surprised to learn that she lived in a bubble and discovered recently that she was ‘privileged’.

Give me a break.

Well folks, Donald John Trump also lived in a bubble growing up and had everything handed to him. He did not have to “work his way up”. He’s always been the son of an extremely successful New York real estate developer.

Disclaimer: I am not intimately involved with Trump finance.

Trump, historically claims, that he built his empire from a small one million dollar loan from his father (which in today’s money is more like 140 million). But that number wasn’t necessarily accurate. Trump got closer to $60 million from his dad.

This is from foxbusiness

One of Trump’s greatest tools is irony. He has convinced his supporters that he is fighting the “elites”, when he is the definition of elite. He accuses Biden and Democrats of cheating and stealing the election, while he launches multiple lawsuits, and has the arrogant audacity to tell states to throw out millions of ballots and overturn the election results, just because he wants them to. Which in deed is an actual attempted coup.

Even before election day, he stated that the Supreme Court would decide the result.

All part of the masterful spin this guy has been honing his entire life.

When Trump becomes a civilian again, does anyone, for a second, believe he will not capitalize on his stint in the Presidency?

Speech engagements, Book and TV deals. Plus the extra added value of Trump properties.


Southern District of New York is after him. So what. Those cases are about finance. Fines, whatever.

He’s going to score big in the AfterMarket.

His appearances will be in demand for at least the next four years, or longer if he plays his cards right. Which he will!

It’s a business move.

Speaking of business, did Donald Trump suffer at all from the tell-all book by his niece Mary? Nobody stopped it from being published. It sold very well. Made headlines all over the world.

If it was so defamatory, why hasn’t he sued? He sues (or threatens to anyway) everyone else that paints him in a bad light. Proceeds from the book go to a Trump.

He always promised to treat the Presidency as a business.

Damn. He did.