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Rabbit Finally at Rest – Goodbye John Updike

A good writer never dies, he just gets republished.

Author John Updike passes away of lung cancer at age 76

The literary world may be at odds regarding the writing talent of  John Updike, but who cares?  Reading his books are fun.  Run, Rabbit Run was the first Updike Novel I read.  Finished it in two sittings, which was pretty good for an active, bordering on A.D.D. 18 year-old.

Fluid style,  vibrant and exciting imagery, passionate and tender.  That’s what I remember.  After finishing one book in the series I couldn’t wait to continue on with the next, which is exactly what I did, with fervor.

His prose dances elegantly and eloquently across the pages and I was inspired after each read to emulate or capture that essense in my own writing.

I could close by saying “We’ll Miss You”, but fortunately for us, your thoughts, ideas, humor and insight lives on through the rich body of work you left behind.

Thanks John,

John Updike - Rabbit finally at rest
John Updike - Rabbit finally at rest

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