Same UnSame

Days change, years change, but people remain the same.

Brutal killings, shocking cruelty, same today as yesterday

If vicious didn’t exist in action, nor would it in vocabulary

But the Wild doesn’t kill viciously,

That perception belongs exclusively to humans

The Wild doesn’t have perceptions


Weak strong, smart dumb, popular lonely

loved, not-loved


The World Isn’t Changing

People Aren’t Changing


The evolution of human perception is redundant and laughable.

Y wood U believe there is original thought, (chuckle)


Your thoughts are remakes, ancestral genetic collaborations cellularly revealed anew

Environmentally re-engineered? Sure


The environment only affects the outer coating.

Core intact


A teardrop composed of time evaporates in the sun

No stain, no residue

Footprints fade in the wind

Voices vanish as their sound dissolve into the clouds

Bodies decompose

Planets spin

Light emits

Soil inseminates


7 Replies to “Same UnSame”

  1. And I thought it was traumatic the other day when I went to Pier One and I asked the girl if the pillow I was buying was made of real fur or fake fur and she tried to call me out for having a leather purse… the purse was pleather btw lady! Glad everything turned out alright, although you will make a great mom if you so choose!!!

  2. 我最近剛好聽了一場Alain Badiou的講座,他談及語言問題時,認為「concept」一開始確實會被語言所影響,每種不同的語言其用字和用法所產生的描述既會與文化連結,又會左右我們形構出的世界觀樣貌,進而影響哲學的思考型態。但終究重點是在於「concept」而非語言,所以一來我們可以、也應該跳脫出語言的侷限去追求「concept」;二來每種語言所反映出的不同文化載體彼此間都會有溝通性,也正因如此,「concept」是可以世界化並被普世地理解的。就算當中可能會遇到困難和障礙,我們也會透過新詞的創造和語言的再造來解決之,使「concept」不被語言的宰制與疏忽而邊緣化。不曉得這樣的見解是否有回應到1樓phantoms的想法。我是認為此一見解挺不錯的,而且還和Turvey的部份觀點有著對立性。它點破了Turvey考慮不周的地方,而且似乎能更宏觀地面對Turvey所提到的問題。各位有什麼想法呢?

  3. Pbrain makes my point. He realizes the foolishness of comparing today’s issues with the birth of our nation and he can’t admit his misuse of google. So he attempts to turn tables and make it about me. Maybe it should be gutless Pbrain.

  4. Wow I’m glad it’s not just me that has trouble reading your blog on my iPad and iPhone. Not so much that I can’t read it as much as the photos are missing At times I’ve not been able to get the link to open and had to go to my laptop. Your sweet lil Allie is just too precious!!!!!!!! Times seems to be flying!!! They grow up way too fast. Take careMarie

  5. Luke, this kitty is at the vet, and the vet is doing what vets must do, providing veterinary care.I will send you a picture of him once he is recovered.Please, use the right word in the future. It’s not put down, it’s Kill.Moron.

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