Daily Journal

Same UnSame

Days change, years change, but people remain the same.

Brutal killings, shocking cruelty, same today as yesterday

If vicious didn’t exist in action, nor would it in vocabulary

But the Wild doesn’t kill viciously,

That perception belongs exclusively to humans

The Wild doesn’t have perceptions


Weak strong, smart dumb, popular lonely

loved, not-loved


The World Isn’t Changing

People Aren’t Changing


The evolution of human perception is redundant and laughable.

Y wood U believe there is original thought, (chuckle)


Your thoughts are remakes, ancestral genetic collaborations cellularly revealed anew

Environmentally re-engineered? Sure


The environment only affects the outer coating.

Core intact


A teardrop composed of time evaporates in the sun

No stain, no residue

Footprints fade in the wind

Voices vanish as their sound dissolve into the clouds

Bodies decompose

Planets spin

Light emits

Soil inseminates


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