Daily Journal

Why Her?

Fairness is an utterly useless concept and unjustifiable expense.


She’ll look into your eyes and see you

Not where you came from, but where you’re coming from

Not what you do, but what you are

She’ll find you even when you don’t know where you are

She’ll find you, then she’ll bring you out

The best you, not the one you think you’re supposed to be

After you’re finished fighting with yourself, she’ll chuckle a little and you both will share a moment.

You won’t forget.

She may not always win

But she will never be defeated.


She had one love.


ONe lOVe in her life

oNE true love

one only one

one ever

one forever

And it wasn’t meant to be.

The two only ever had each other in reality

In the reality that exists beyond the feebleness of perception

There was ever only each other to turn to in truly life changing situations,

There was ever only each other they could/would rely on

There was ever only one number to dial

each others

then he died.

We all saw it coming, We all knew, didn’t matter, still sucked.

She did everything a spouse would do, not an ex-spouse, which she was

Didn’t matter

ex on paper, life-partner in reality

Not the reality you’re familiar with,

The reality that exists beyond the feebleness of perception.

But why her?

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