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The Overton Window Explained (YouTube video)

An attractive African-American woman explains her version of the Overton Window.

I absolutely agree with her description of how the Overton Window works.

In the presentation, however, she uses presumptuous language designed to guide the viewer to a pointed narrative, using the terms “research” and “evidence”.

Research and evidence are in quotation marks, because there are no references to research or evidence in the clip I watched. Which makes it conjecture and opinion.

The first red flag for me was a black woman letting white supremacist’s off the hook. I am paraphrasing here but the message is that blaming white nationalists and white supremacists implies a lower level of intelligence (“How to think beyond stage one”), and then stumping for another one of her videos. Smartly done, for sure, but also self ingratiating.

But when she starts pontificating about gay and trans, the wheels start coming off the message.

It becomes clear that she is coming from a right-wing, quasi-religious, conservative ideology.

She implies that trans leads to pedophilia.

It doesn’t.

Pedophiles are sick individuals of all sexual persuasions.

Then we get into socialism = communism, new world order, etc. It gets laughable/pathetic after that.

Complete right-wing rubbish.

But convincing propaganda, for some.

Learn more about Jesus.

Not whatever version of the bible you’re reading. Not whatever translation or interpretation.

Jesus may have been a real person.

But please put this in context.

The letter J did not exist when Jesus was alive.


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