Daily Journal

Ouch Again

She left again

My highest high, my lowest low


wanted her so bad

wanted her so much

Can’t believe I held her in my arms again, then let her slip away

Kissed her delicious lips again,

Then screwed it up again

I can’t believe I screwed it up again

Can’t move, can’t think, can’t speak

Don’t want to do anything

Don’t want to go anywhere

My heart hurts

There’s a hole larger than sadness crying into it

Rivulets of tears soaking me in sorrow and regret

A future that no longer exists

My dream a mirror thrown against the wall and shattering on the floor

Stepping on jagged shards, cutting my feet, bleeding

Still bleeding, days of bleeding, gallons of blood

Wounds don’t heal, pain doesn’t stop

Echos of wailing against the hills

Gentle tremors from teardrops falling vibrate through my injured soul

Wishing today was a week ago, to get another chance

Another chance

I had another chance

I blew it


Dave and Heather

One reply on “Ouch Again”

I’m actually sick about the whole thing. I was such an idiot, which proves I wasn’t ready. But there is so much potential. We are so compatible. Damn.

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