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regardless of faith

regardless of what you believe,

when you walk out the door, you do it alone

you take all your thoughts, judgements and perceptions with you.

whichever ones suit you that day

some are right, some are under, some are completely fucked up

but they’re yours, you own them (at the time, even if you don’t admit to them later)

you can believe that a higher power is with you as you get slaughtered by an oncoming vehicle

but you’re still dead.

you can believe that your soul will move on to another place,

but you don’t really know.

you can say you know.

and you can believe it,

but you don’t.

you believe you know, but in actuality, you don’t.

how can you know, without seeing it?

believing and knowing are two completely different things.

i wish i knew, but i don’t.

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