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Ross Mayfield, social networking guy got it wrong.

Ross Mayfield, Twitter doomsayer.  Quit it man.

Ross Mayfield’s blog post, “Mourning The Loss Of Twitter“, made a few points but their validity will remain to be seen.  At least as they are in the context of the post.

Twitter is not dead.

Are there spammers and blackhat marketers abusing this current form of  free expression?

Sure.  So what.

Point me to a time in history when a greedy troll hasn’t attempted to exploit an opportunity by whatever means necessary.

As long as we pay attention and use a modicum of common sense everything will be fine.

Will Twitter evolve?

Of course, it must in order to grow.  If it’s not evolving, it’s not living.

I’m all for sentimentalism when it comes to movies, but keep it away from my technology.

It’s the spirit of the thing that makes it work.  And the spirit is a culmination and a tribute to the heart of the individuals that participate in it.  The nonpluralized use of heart in the previous sentence is not a grammatical error.  I mean the collective heart of those of us who have fun with the interaction.  With the ability to say whatever the hell we want with out explanation or  expectation.

The ability to share.

So Ross, I’m sure you’re a gifted something-or-other, but I think you have this one wrong.

Love Dave.

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