Daily Journal


Her Love

A depth few will recognize, and while they (those lucky enough to be a they) may not recognize or appreciate the depth, appreciation abounds by all fortunate enough to be touched by her smile, her voice, her eyes, her love.

Because she loves. She loves completely, she loves unconditionally, she loves deeply.

She Understands

An intuitive, accurate understanding complete

A completely unbiased progressive understanding rooted in vast, keen perception borne from victory over tragedy, fucked up parental behavior and life-threatening illness.

Circumstances, separate or combined that could irrevocably damage and kill, yet she overcame and flourished.

Words by themselves are flat, two dimensional, black and white…

Colored with her inflection, tone, nuance, intent and illuminated by her chrysalis eyes, they comfort…heal… inspire…

That’s what she does.

When she speaks, you don’t hear her words, you feel her heart.

She’s Sitting with Me


I must have done something incredibly good and tremendously right

She reveals multitudinous dimensions of love,

She shares precious intimacy

She gushes over me, swallows me and allows me in to her extraordinariness


I thought I knew,

I didn’t know


Eager to learn

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