Guilty Pleasure

Celebrity Apprentice 3-17-13

Beginning of the show, “The Donald” disses Arsenio Hall.

Donald Trump, we all know he’s a pompous ass, you probably can’t reach the level of success he has without an enormous ego and clearly “The Donald” is not deficient in that department.

Trump introduces Arsenio as a past winner, and says “He’s gone on to do great things”….


As if Celebrity Apprentice launched Arsenio.?

Presumptuous bastard.

(obviously our perceptions are led by the edits and the direction we don’t see)


As “Project Manager”, you’re the boss. What you say goes. You don’t have the power to fire your staff, but you can shut them up. Don’t raise your voice, don’t compete, because once you bring yourself down to Omarosa’s level, you lose.

Are you listening LaToya?

Omarosa = LaToya
Courtesy of The Examiner


Stephen Baldwin  is every bit as slimy as he looks.

For him to so quickly blame Penn Gillette, while he insisted on controlling every word, movement and nuance, made me want to take a shower.  This all from a proposed “Christian”.

 Rock Stars, Peanuts and Bursting Blisters.

The Last Thing

Yes LaToya deserved to be fired. Not pulling Omarosa in to the board room was a major blow it.

Trumps incessant verbalization of his love for Dennis was disturbing.  What are you trying to prove Donald?





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