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If I were just a hair more vain, my flippant and insensitive last post would’ve been deleted. What I assumed would be another isolated Malibu event evolved into one the worst fire Camp Pendleton Fireincidents in California recorded history. My family and I were fortunate, other than breathing in a little ash and smoke, we were otherwise unaffected by the blaze. Last night (Tues. Oct. 23rd), I could see an orange glow on the hilltop in Camp Pendleton from my driveway. When my wife drove me up the street two blocks, we witnessed, along with concerned neighbors, the whipping and rasping of unbridled peaks of fire.

People are wearing protective breathing masks. Schools are being closed. Athletic events are being canceled. The main artery from L.A. to San Diego has been closed. Trains are stopped. People are constantly watching updates in fear to learn whether or not their houses are safe or if they need to evacuate. I apologize for my vapid past and will strive to improve myself and my posts.Neighbors watching the blaze

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