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Understanding the Persistence of Belief in Donald Trump’s 2020 Election Victory

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was a highly contentious and polarizing event that saw Joe Biden emerge as the victor. However, despite the official results and widespread acceptance of Biden as the winner, a significant number of people still believe that Donald Trump won the election. This essay aims to explore the reasons behind this persistent belief.

1. Disputed Claims and Legal Challenges:
One key factor contributing to the belief that Donald Trump won the 2020 election is the series of disputed claims and legal challenges made by his campaign and supporters. Trump and his legal team alleged voter fraud, irregularities, and inconsistencies in the electoral process. These claims, though largely debunked and dismissed by courts and election officials, created doubt and fueled skepticism among Trump’s supporters.

2. Partisan Media and Echo Chambers:
The presence of partisan media outlets and social media echo chambers has played a significant role in perpetuating the belief in Trump’s victory. Some media organizations and online platforms have catered to specific ideological biases, amplifying narratives that support the idea of election fraud or a stolen victory. This selective exposure to information reinforces existing beliefs and makes it difficult for alternative viewpoints to penetrate these echo chambers.

3. Emotional Investment and Identity Politics:
For many of Trump’s ardent supporters, their belief in his victory is deeply tied to their emotional investment in his presidency and their identification with his political agenda. Trump’s presidency was characterized by a strong cult of personality, with loyal supporters seeing him as a champion of their values and aspirations. Accepting his loss would mean accepting the defeat of their own ideological and personal identification, which can be difficult for individuals to reconcile.

4. Lack of Trust in Institutions:
The erosion of trust in institutions, including the media, government bodies, and even the electoral process itself, has contributed to the belief that Trump won the election. Skepticism towards these institutions has been fueled by a variety of factors, such as past instances of corruption, partisan biases, and a general sense of disillusionment. This lack of trust in key institutions has created an environment where alternative narratives can thrive, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

5. Influence of Conspiracy Theories:
Conspiracy theories have also played a role in sustaining the belief in Trump’s victory. Various conspiracy theories, such as the “deep state” or “QAnon,” have gained traction among some of Trump’s supporters. These theories often posit complex and unfounded explanations for Trump’s loss, attributing it to a vast, orchestrated plot against him. The allure of conspiracy theories lies in their ability to provide simple, alternative explanations that validate pre-existing beliefs.

While the 2020 presidential election has been widely recognized as a victory for Joe Biden, there remains a subset of people who persistently believe that Donald Trump won. This belief is driven by a combination of disputed claims, partisan media, emotional investment, erosion of trust in institutions, and the influence of conspiracy theories. Understanding these factors can shed light on the persistence of this belief, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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The Overton Window Explained (YouTube video)

An attractive African-American woman explains her version of the Overton Window.

I absolutely agree with her description of how the Overton Window works.

In the presentation, however, she uses presumptuous language designed to guide the viewer to a pointed narrative, using the terms “research” and “evidence”.

Research and evidence are in quotation marks, because there are no references to research or evidence in the clip I watched. Which makes it conjecture and opinion.

The first red flag for me was a black woman letting white supremacist’s off the hook. I am paraphrasing here but the message is that blaming white nationalists and white supremacists implies a lower level of intelligence (“How to think beyond stage one”), and then stumping for another one of her videos. Smartly done, for sure, but also self ingratiating.

But when she starts pontificating about gay and trans, the wheels start coming off the message.

It becomes clear that she is coming from a right-wing, quasi-religious, conservative ideology.

She implies that trans leads to pedophilia.

It doesn’t.

Pedophiles are sick individuals of all sexual persuasions.

Then we get into socialism = communism, new world order, etc. It gets laughable/pathetic after that.

Complete right-wing rubbish.

But convincing propaganda, for some.

Learn more about Jesus.

Not whatever version of the bible you’re reading. Not whatever translation or interpretation.

Jesus may have been a real person.

But please put this in context.

The letter J did not exist when Jesus was alive.



126 and the 14th amendment blunder

Regardless of your opinion on election integrity, 126 Republicans, idiotically, violated the 14th Amendment, section 3, of the United States Constitution.

The barrage of error-filled, poorly written lawsuits against only states Trump lost, collectively represent an attempted coup initiated by Donald John Trump. His intent, admittedly, is to subvert the 2020 general election results.

Any Senate or House member that submitted or joined an amicus brief, in a purely legal sense, effectively violated their sworn duty to protect the constitution, as I understand it.

They acted to circumvent or overthrow the law.

Last I checked, we’re still a country of laws. The Supreme Court confirmed that with their decision to completely blow-off the frivolous, last ditched effort to retain control, launched by the great state of Texas.

You may have noticed that not one US Senator joined the suit, they were all House members. Oh, and two fictitious states joined, New California and New Nevada…..Really?

Not one Senator.

If you’re still convinced there was widespread, systemic fraud, you have the ability to obtain the actual court documents in most of the 50 legal filings, including evidence presented by Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and the parade of lawyers Trump hired in his attempt to overturn millions of legal ballots.

It’s public record. Right now, today you can obtain actual court documents.

You can decide for yourself if the evidence was credible.

I implore you to do that.

Then, please hire the personnel necessary to corroborate and verify the findings. It will take several hours.

If there was widespread, systemic fraud, was it only in those 5 or so states? If it was widespread and systemic, wouldn’t it be all states?

YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Parler & Instagram posts are not evidence. Opinions of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson are not evidence. Well produced videos and selective reporting by OAN and Newsmax are not evidence.

They are propaganda and click bait. It’s about the money for them.

The Republican party is self-destructing over ratings and currying favor. Over market share.

They’re not afraid of Trump, physically, personally, they’re afraid of pissing off his base. Losing votes and the funds associated with Trump’s support.

It’s about the money. Not our money, their money.

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I figured out Trump, and I’m not angry anymore

Riled beyond belief.

That was a daily event for me, but then I figured it out.

Trump’s blatant lies, misinformation campaign, personal attacks, incompetence, prejudice, inability to take responsibility, the list goes on.

But it’s all part of the plan.

Or rather, it’s all part of the show.

Trump will not concede and will continue to be a spectacle. It’s partially narcissism, but mostly customer retention.

He has a captive audience consisting of 10’s of millions of fervent supporters, who are also active American voters.

That’s the reason so many Republican politicians also do not officially recognize Biden’s win. Yet.

Trump’s departure from the White House will be spectacular and a nationally televised event.


Because it’s theater, drama, it’s good TV.

Do you want to know the secret? What I figured out?

It’s about the money. It’s always been about the money.

Trump donates a quarter of his salary, each fiscal quarter and retains $1 as annual income, because it’s illegal for a president of the USA to work for free.

Fact: Trump is making money from being president.

Visiting USA politicians and foreign dignitaries stay in Trump hotels and resorts. When he travels, he and his substantial entourage stay at Trump properties, at full pop.

Political events take place at Trump properties, including at his inauguration.

In the past, that kind of story would make be blow my top, but not now.

What do addiction professionals say? The first step is recognizing the problem.

I recognize that Trump is about the money, and has always been about the money. So are his kids, because they don’t know anything different.

Everything handed to them, every step of the way. Kinda like Olivia Jade admitting that (to three black women, marketing? just sayin’) she was surprised to learn that she lived in a bubble and discovered recently that she was ‘privileged’.

Give me a break.

Well folks, Donald John Trump also lived in a bubble growing up and had everything handed to him. He did not have to “work his way up”. He’s always been the son of an extremely successful New York real estate developer.

Disclaimer: I am not intimately involved with Trump finance.

Trump, historically claims, that he built his empire from a small one million dollar loan from his father (which in today’s money is more like 140 million). But that number wasn’t necessarily accurate. Trump got closer to $60 million from his dad.

This is from foxbusiness

One of Trump’s greatest tools is irony. He has convinced his supporters that he is fighting the “elites”, when he is the definition of elite. He accuses Biden and Democrats of cheating and stealing the election, while he launches multiple lawsuits, and has the arrogant audacity to tell states to throw out millions of ballots and overturn the election results, just because he wants them to. Which in deed is an actual attempted coup.

Even before election day, he stated that the Supreme Court would decide the result.

All part of the masterful spin this guy has been honing his entire life.

When Trump becomes a civilian again, does anyone, for a second, believe he will not capitalize on his stint in the Presidency?

Speech engagements, Book and TV deals. Plus the extra added value of Trump properties.


Southern District of New York is after him. So what. Those cases are about finance. Fines, whatever.

He’s going to score big in the AfterMarket.

His appearances will be in demand for at least the next four years, or longer if he plays his cards right. Which he will!

It’s a business move.

Speaking of business, did Donald Trump suffer at all from the tell-all book by his niece Mary? Nobody stopped it from being published. It sold very well. Made headlines all over the world.

If it was so defamatory, why hasn’t he sued? He sues (or threatens to anyway) everyone else that paints him in a bad light. Proceeds from the book go to a Trump.

He always promised to treat the Presidency as a business.

Damn. He did.




Accept it, return to reality, move on

Dear Good People,

I was not thrilled when Trump won in 2016, but I accepted it, a thing some of you refuse to do today.

There has been no proof of widespread, systemic voter fraud, despite what some continue to claim, without presenting any formal, credible evidence. Misleading videos by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are not proof. Errant video clips of unverified people on YouTube are not proof. Memes on facebook and twitter (and now Parler I suppose) are not proof.

Trump started the “system is rigged” mantra in the 2016 Republican primaries. After losing the Iowa primary, he asserted that Ted Cruz “stole it” (sound familiar).

He continued to vehemently cast doubt on our election process throughout the 2016 campaign, even arrogantly asserting that if he loses it’s because the election is “rigged”, but then he won the nomination and the presidency. So, by his logic, 2016 was not rigged, right?

He only claims an election is rigged when he doesn’t like the result, like in 2012, and it continues today. He continues to consistently make these accusations, without presenting any credible evidence, and sadly many of us believe him.

Presidential Election Table:

  • 2012……..rigged
  • 2016……..not rigged
  • 2020……..rigged

We’re being swindled by possibly the best conman in US history, a master at manipulating the media he purports to despise. The media he convinced us to distrust, for no other reason than they published an unflattering Trump article or a piece that doesn’t push his narrative, or a favorable poll performance.

I’m acutely aware that Trump supporters minds will not change. And respectfully, speaking with some of them is like trying to reason with a sandwich. I suppose many of them hold that same sentiment for Biden supporters.

But that’s not how they refer to Biden’s supporters is it?

No, Trump supporters have an arsenal of colorful language they use to describe anyone that doesn’t share their view.

So how far are we going to allow this culture of suspicion and distrust to go?

There are Republican Secretaries of State publicly stating that there are no indications of widespread, systemic, voter fraud. If we don’t believe them, then Trump has successfully turned the party on itself. Bravo!

Because the only person in the world anyone can believe is Donald J Trump.

The entire Trump administration has been chipping away at basic trust of our Democratic process and honest, reputable journalism since 2016, and ushering in the era of “Alternative facts”. Rumor and conspiracy theories have gone nuclear in this age of the internet and social media, and determining what is real, what is authentic, has become increasingly difficult without the added confusion of constant misleading messaging from the White House.

We can all agree that the system is not perfect, and historically, there have been proven instances of impropriety.  But those are exceptions, not the norm.

Until there is solid proof that widespread vote tampering has occurred, it’s an unsubstantiated allegation. But if Trump and his administration has been successful in stripping the last morsel of trust between us, then it doesn’t matter, does it? We won’t believe it anyway.

So brainwashed by anger, fear, prejudice and a constant barrage of mis- and disinformation campaigns. Coupled with an unabashed unwillingness to consider anything other than our own personal opinions.

The view has been completely skewed, and we don’t want to believe anything we see or hear that opposes it. Awash in a sea of artificially manufactured disbelief.

So what now?

What happens when Americans completely lose faith in the instruments that choose our elected officials?

Anarchy? Is that what you want?

I don’t.


Daily Journal Politics

Climate Change

I know, a light subject right?

Q: is the climate changing?

A: yes

Q: how?

A: It’s getting more extreme, and it’s getting a little warmer.

Q: should i be concerned?

A: yes, but more important is being informed. informed on a fact-based level, meaning the details of the thing described are irrefutable.

  • The earth rotated today (we’d all be abundantly aware if it hadn’t).
  • Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster than anytime in 12,000 years.

Things like that.

Conjecture and assertions are not welcome at this point.

The climate is changing, that is irrefutable (evidence)

  • Global Temperature Rise
  • Ocean warming
  • Shrinking Ice Sheets
  • Glacial Retreat
  • Decreased Snow Cover
  • Sea Level Rise
  • and more…

So it’s definitely happening. But why?

I don’t think anyone definitely knows why.

Did all the exhaust from those carburetor cars from 1886 to somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s help?

No, they did not, but you knew that.

reeljerc: “Hey, I surfed River Jettys in Huntington Beach in the early 70’s, when OC companies were using the Santa Ana River has their own personal hazardous waste dump.

Many a time we came across big brown clumps or whatever the hell it was, while paddling hard to catch set coming in.”

The earth is really fricking old. Most of us were not around for the first 4 billion years. And while I’m a fan of science, I mean a huge fan, how old things are and what happened during those years is a guess.

A very good guess, but a guess just the same.

We, as humans, may have some freaky cellular granular genetic memory thing going on. But we still don’t know what happened before we got here.

So in the 4 billion years before the arrival of humans, it’s possible similar atmospheric events took place.

It could very well be that the current atmospheric shift is simply an organic, natural occurrence in the evolution of this planet. And the damage our industrial age inflicted is/was minor.

But that doesn’t change the undeniable fact that things are going to change. Ice is melting, sea level is rising. The coastlines the planet enjoys today are in flux. We (those of us that are still breathing) may not suffer the imminent changes afoot, but if you have spawn, well…

Make a plan. Geological changes will happen over the course of many years, with any luck, but it’s still worth figuring out today. It makes sense to have a plan.

You may have a friend or family member who completely disavows the idea of Climate Change, but probably because this has become a political issue.

It may be a manufactured political issue, but it’s happening.

And the carbon emissions we are contributing is not helping. That’s a fact.

So, why not do something to lessen blow?

Fossil fuels and coal are finite resources.

One day, they will be gone.

Are you thinking to yourself, “won’t happen in my lifetime”?

What about your grandkids? Not that you care, but here’s the thing;

If we can improve a most obvious condition, that will only help, not hurt…what’s the deal? Why not?





Tired of Trump

Getting tired of Trump press coverage. 

understand it.


American Idol, Housewives of…, Big Brother, Survivor, Kardasians, etc


When Trump gets called on the inaccuracy of his assertions, he doubles down. He screams it louder. He’s banking on the fact that the American public is too lazy or stupid to fact-check his statements. So far it’s working. Anybody familiar with Romans?


Let me get this straight, a billionaire real estate developer wants to put an end to the EPA?

I’m in shock.

Daily Journal Politics

Presidential Perspective

Barack Hussein ObamaThere is so much more going on than just the issues. There are issues with the issues. There is an undercurrent of non-public issues flowing through the veins of every American in regard to our president, Barack Hussein Obama. Whether you admit to it or not, a Black president named Barack Hussein Obama, made it to office….Fricking amazing.

Just the fact that a Black man named Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the presidency should make all Americans proud, unless you’re a white supremiscist. Obviously that doesn’t work for you, but you’re so stupid, who cares?

You’re so stupid, it never occured to you that a Black Man could ever be considered for the presidency of the United States of America. And after it happened, it was too late. Stupid f***.

Common Sense takes a giant leap into the abyss.

Whether you want to admit it or not, it changed the racial landscape in the United States of America, if for no other reason than it empowered a segment of a segment. It built a bridge of hope and validated confidence in all of us, period. The monumental event of an African-American person being elected to the highest office in the United States of America, the most powerful country on earth, resonated with the entire world and opened minds (except those cemented shut by hate and ignorance).

And what did we learn? That no matter what , there are still nimrods and closed minded curmudgeons determined to realize their own self fulfilling prophecy of self-destruction, and drag as many down with them as they can. I don’t know why people mentally or ideologically shutdown and snuff out any glimmer of a new thought or idea, but it irritates the hell out of me.

But they’re insignificant anyway right? They’re not here to help, so let’s move on


Political Ideology

Politicians don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, red, yellow or plaid. They only care about how well you’re doing in the polls. From a racial perspective, that’s actually refreshing. Societally, it’s diasterous.

Career politicians, as a category, have a conflict of interest. As a career politician, your first allegiance is job security, which means you make decisions that benefit you before your constituency. That’s a problem.

Time to start taking steps to eliminate “Career Politicians”.


Real Deal

Everybody’s truth is different. Truth is not facts. I’m looking at it from this perspective; President Barack Hussein Obama is 14 days older than I am. If we went to school together, I’d have played ball with him. We both grew up in the USA and were influenced by many of the same things. Chronologically and emotionally we experienced many of the same things around the same time. Lot of the same shit was going on when shit was going on with us. There’s a common bond there. To deny that is short sighted and ignorant.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do; put aside your prejudice, pressumption and party affiliation. Own that you’re approximately the same age and grew up in the same time as the man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, who runs your country and seriously contemplate what you would do in his place. If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, you’re not being honest, are you?

You can click off this page, but you can’t click off your conscience ( and if you can, please unfriend me on facebook).


Daily Journal Politics

Please Kill Our Soldiers

Pastor Terry Jones and Al Qaeda – Same Action, Same Result

Terry JonesBurn All The Books.  Burning books is good.  Books introduce subversive ideology into the minds of our young. Raid the libraries,  set Barnes & Noble ablaze, Nuke the educational institutions (oh yeah, institution – that’s a bad word, right? Cool.)

According to statements by Florida preacher Terry Jones, God wants our soldiers to die.  God wants Terry and his army of toothless inanity to enrage the muslim world, whilst our armed forces, our sons and daughters are in the crosshairs, brilliant.

At least Al Qaeda thought it was brilliant, because it proved to galvanize uneducated, disconnected communities against the west, which serves their purposes very well. I mean really, you know how your flock would react if they learned that muslims down  the street were burning bibles, right?

General David Petraeus publicly stated that it was a BAD idea.  But don’t listen to him Terry, he’s only in charge and actually has responsibility for our sons, our daughters, our mothers and our fathers fighting in that part of the world.  General Petraeus lives and breathes this issue, day in and day out. You, Terry, on the other hand have responsibility for their souls.  Thank God.  Because you’ve traveled extensively over there and are well aware of the situation, right Terry?

So for God’s sake, don’t listen to Petraeus.  You have God on your side.

Were Jesus alive, he’d be standing right next to you, holding his Bic Lighter ready to torch the next copy, because that was his way, right?

I distinctly remember reading the “Search & Destroy” scripture, the “We’ll all live, after we kill you” scripture, the “Slash each cheek with a bowie knife” scripture.  Sure, those were my favorites.

Hey, Terry…

Please don’t consider that your country was actually founded on the freedom of religion, naw, that just weakens your argument.  Besides, your parishioners don’t read that shit anyway (and they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, but you already knew that, huh Terry).  The constitution was written by a bunch of mutinous malcontents.  Imagine, being forced to follow one particular god, one religion…

Thank god you’re not bound by such incredulous notions, right Terry?

Some pinko hippie might suggest that by reading the satan-saturated text, one could learn about a culture that constitutes a large percentage of the world’s population, and use it to one’s advantage, but such aspirations are obviously misguided and obtuse.  (do you need a minute to google “obtuse” Terry?)

Because someone of your obvious mental superiority and worldly wisdom would surely recognize the far-reaching repercussions of their actions, right?

Obviously God has a greater plan.  You’ve spoken to him, right?  God is aware that the seemingly innocuous action of setting fire to the tantamount symbol of an immense portion of the world populations belief system won’t negatively affect my cousin in Afghanistan, right.  I can count on you Terry, right?

Should my cousin direct their amen to God, or you Terry?


Carly Fiorina – Is this a Joke?

Being a superstar salesperson doesn’t automatically make you a good manager.

Carly FiorinaI was never retained, considered nor ever acted as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP).  But, neither was I fired or, ummm.. “asked to leave”.

Successful management is a skill.  It encompasses a great deal of expertise, intuition and savvy regardless of the industry.  Success or failure can often be attributed to the adherence and respect given to basic principles.  Because let’s face it, if you don’t know the basics you’re going to lose.

Sometimes a single action, isolated in your consciousness, can be more telling than a mountain of press releases, reports or relentless spin.

When I read that struggling HP CEO Carly Fiorina, towards the ineloquent end of her embattled albeit short tenure, had fired three executives at 5 AM over the phone, I knew.

What do you call that kind of move other than cowardice?

Her reign as a media darling, which became pivotal points in her career, were sociologically well timed but what bearing did that have on her actual job performance?  Because quite frankly, she sucked at managing.  At a time when tech was blowing sky high, leading one of the most successful, well-funded, long-term companies in tech history, she managed to keep earnings and stock shares flat.

U.S. Senate? Really?

So now she wants a hand in running California, whoopee!!  My assessment of her is based on a single action, which is legitimate, because it’s something I never did in my 30 years managing, and would’ve never considered.  But don’t listen to me, read the comments of HP employees on their former boss:

And if that’s not enough, look at some of the media drivel she puts her name on. Seriously, the first time I viewed this clip, I thought surely it was a Monty Python skit.

What is it with these millionaires that think, all of a sudden, they know what’s best?…oh wait….I know…