Daily Journal

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Me during the day. Me at night

figuratively and literally

During the day, I prefer being anonymous.

Neutral color clothes, no eye contact

swift, direct movements

later, vodka brings the swagger and the attitude

Largely reserved and staying under the radar in public

Apparently I prefer to speak out at night, apparently there are times I can’t contain myself, because I’m apt to first check facebook comments in the morning and am often surprised at what I said


I meant it at the time. No issue there.

Actually, there isn’t anything I’ve said that I regretted.

But there have been times when I regretted that I didn’t monitor the conversation well enough.

Daily Journal

Voter Fraud v1

Donald Trump: (interview with The Daily Caller – 11/14/2018)

“The Republicans don’t win and that’s because of potentially illegal votes, which is what I’ve been saying for a long time. I have no doubt about it. And I’ve seen it, I’ve had friends talk about it when people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.

The disgrace is that, voter ID. If you buy, you know, a box of cereal, if you do anything, you have a voter ID.”


I have voted in every election, as long as I can remember.

I have always had to verify my name and address. Including a signature next to my name.

Is this scenario possible?

I do not know what the laws are in other states.


Daily Journal

A Little Rain

I wasn’t there. I don’t know.

It’s easy to enrage the anti-Trump faction.

Maybe there were legitimate reasons POTUS elected not to honor fallen WW1 soldiers.


Daily Journal


I believe in God.

I believe in an inclusive God.

I don’t believe in religions that exclude.


Daily Journal

Dream – Can’t find them

From one of my recurrent dreams (there are too many)

Living in a circular house

Lots of closets

Convergent identical hallways

Plethora of bedrooms (all with closets)

The cast in each room rotates

All family, friends and acquaintances.



Daily Journal

Too tired to write


Daily Journal

Late, misguided as usual

yesterday was your birthday my son. thought about you all day. sent you a silly movie for your birthday. it arrives tomorrow. 

late, misguided, as usual.

your high school graduation. i was there, filming your class walk onto the field. the whole time looking for you. i didn’t see you. it wasn’t until reviewing the footage, i saw you, smiling at me…until you realized my mistake.

late, misguided, as usual.


Daily Journal

Totaled the car pt 1

Front end

Kiah and Miles were laughing about something we’ve already forgotten.

“Kiah, please kill Siri, I don’t need her directions anymore”




(in the diamond lane <91 east>, weds before Thanksgiving, 730ish)


Dave walks towards the slightly damaged car in front of him

Me: “Are you guys okay?”

Mark: “I think so, just shaken up”

Mark: “Can I take a picture  of your insurance card?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Can I take a picture or your license?”

Me: “Here”

Mark: “Should we call the police?”

Me: “No airbag deployment, they probably won’t come out.”

Mark: “Will you say it’s your fault?”

Me: “umm…I rear ended’s pretty clear it’s my fault.”

(he’s freaking a little, but… we were stopped in the diamond lane at rush hour the day before Thanksgiving)



Daily Journal

dreams 111317

Fell asleep 8ish

Woke up 12ish

read news, FB, more news

2ish tried drifting back to slumber. 

on and off

on dream:

landing on a highway from the sky,

driving incredibly fast on 4-lane road,

little to no control,

crash imminent.

awoke heart pounding.

{breathe, breathe slower}

on dream2:

woke up in becky’s house,

all her girls are there,

{thrilled, but surprised, nobody lives there anymore.}

ask time — 6:30am – IM LATE!

awoke anxious.

on dream3:


a problem looming.

i solve it.



Daily Journal

J vs H 01

You are an adept high functioning alcoholic

You are able to maintain

You’ve been able to cover, so far

You’ve also said you could abstain.


Convinced many  (Mr. H is writing this, just so you know)