Accept it, return to reality, move on

Dear Good People,

I was not thrilled when Trump won in 2016, but I accepted it, a thing some of you refuse to do today.

There has been no proof of widespread, systemic voter fraud, despite what some continue to claim, without presenting any formal, credible evidence. Misleading videos by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are not proof. Errant video clips of unverified people on YouTube are not proof. Memes on facebook and twitter (and now Parler I suppose) are not proof.

Trump started the “system is rigged” mantra in the 2016 Republican primaries. After losing the Iowa primary, he asserted that Ted Cruz “stole it” (sound familiar).

He continued to vehemently cast doubt on our election process throughout the 2016 campaign, even arrogantly asserting that if he loses it’s because the election is “rigged”, but then he won the nomination and the presidency. So, by his logic, 2016 was not rigged, right?

He only claims an election is rigged when he doesn’t like the result, like in 2012, and it continues today. He continues to consistently make these accusations, without presenting any credible evidence, and sadly many of us believe him.

Presidential Election Table:

  • 2012……..rigged
  • 2016……..not rigged
  • 2020……..rigged

We’re being swindled by possibly the best conman in US history, a master at manipulating the media he purports to despise. The media he convinced us to distrust, for no other reason than they published an unflattering Trump article or a piece that doesn’t push his narrative, or a favorable poll performance.

I’m acutely aware that Trump supporters minds will not change. And respectfully, speaking with some of them is like trying to reason with a sandwich. I suppose many of them hold that same sentiment for Biden supporters.

But that’s not how they refer to Biden’s supporters is it?

No, Trump supporters have an arsenal of colorful language they use to describe anyone that doesn’t share their view.

So how far are we going to allow this culture of suspicion and distrust to go?

There are Republican Secretaries of State publicly stating that there are no indications of widespread, systemic, voter fraud. If we don’t believe them, then Trump has successfully turned the party on itself. Bravo!

Because the only person in the world anyone can believe is Donald J Trump.

The entire Trump administration has been chipping away at basic trust of our Democratic process and honest, reputable journalism since 2016, and ushering in the era of “Alternative facts”. Rumor and conspiracy theories have gone nuclear in this age of the internet and social media, and determining what is real, what is authentic, has become increasingly difficult without the added confusion of constant misleading messaging from the White House.

We can all agree that the system is not perfect, and historically, there have been proven instances of impropriety.  But those are exceptions, not the norm.

Until there is solid proof that widespread vote tampering has occurred, it’s an unsubstantiated allegation. But if Trump and his administration has been successful in stripping the last morsel of trust between us, then it doesn’t matter, does it? We won’t believe it anyway.

So brainwashed by anger, fear, prejudice and a constant barrage of mis- and disinformation campaigns. Coupled with an unabashed unwillingness to consider anything other than our own personal opinions.

The view has been completely skewed, and we don’t want to believe anything we see or hear that opposes it. Awash in a sea of artificially manufactured disbelief.

So what now?

What happens when Americans completely lose faith in the instruments that choose our elected officials?

Anarchy? Is that what you want?

I don’t.


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