2016 | Where Am I?

appears I approach myself once a year.

Male/USCitizen/Caucasian/Over54(#damn-didn’t-think-i’d-make-it-this-far)(didn’t really want to)(dad didn’t)

really like my job (and the people that are a part of it)


dad died (92), divorced (10), mom died (12)

still spin

in the room when dad passed

tried cpr (didn’t work, it was cancer after all, silly me)

watched mom take useless breaths over days, damn she fought

we missed it by a few hours, she waited for us to leave before she left.

still angry about the DIVORCE

still angry

still angry

still angry

still angry

still angry

probably could write that incessantly, maybe have, have

miss my son.

I have better kids than you. period.

let me be clear..my kids are better than your kids. period.


proud doesn’t begin…


I’m sure your kids are great too. Sorry.

(still not as talented, creative, intelligent as mine.)

we can argue that over an 18 year-old Maccallen, I’ll buy.




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