Daily Journal


Their viciousness and utter lack of sincerity struck me first.  Words sputtered from their rubbery lips,  then immediately splintered into meaninglessness and diluted disarray.  Each brittle syllable fractured.  Letters cracked and chipped as they continued through space until inevitable disintegration.  Vanquished, irrelevant and useless.

The futility of their cause and effort was lost on them because they had ceased to be.  Breathing, yes – Alert, falsely – Driven, sure – Ridiculous, absolutely.

What benefit could there possibly be in such morbid submission?

45 minutes of artificial ecstasy for a lifetime of regret.


I finally looked up. The spots on the walls had stopped moving, but the pitch of the carnage around the kitchen table was increasing.

Bugged trembling eyes jolted unnaturally side to side, riveted smiles, yellow teeth and duplicitous enthusiasm.

The frenzy recklessly fed on itself growing in intensity and immensity.

all we needed was a gun.

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