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The 3 R’s and Doublethink

Romney, Ryan, Republicans and Doublethink.

Immediately (depending on socio-pressurized perception) you’ve formed an idea about my political leanings.  If I’m wrong raise your hand or .. at least tap the spacebar.

Jeez, you can’t say anything anymore in this frenzied political arena spectacle without being attacked.  A couple of Rush, Keith, O’Reilly, O’Donnell, Hannity, Beck, MSNBC or Fox keywords come out and you’re instantly tagged, sterotyped.

Listening and thoughtful discourse ceases. Ears become rocks. Brains, heretofore naturally absorbent, repel like fortresses in middle age Britannia.

Bunch-a-gonads, the lot of you.

The earth revolves on both axises, north and south poles, equally. Don’t be a dipshit.

Party affiliation and common sense have become oxymoronic. Let’s get real. You really don’t know what is going on do you?

Do you read the whole article and check it’s veracity or do you just skim the headlines and believe what you want to believe?

Policy documents are way too long and dry right?

You don’t understand any of it anyway right?

Are you really that stupid? Can you say baa?

There’s strength in numbers (or herds, flocks, whatever)

Manipulation is king (just ask Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Mao [oh…right, those guys are dead], Ahmadinejad, Chavez, al-Assad).

Which brings me to the onus of this piece.

I don’t care if you’re democrat or republican. What happened to making decisions based on research, facts and common sense?

The new manipulation is creating legislative documents that are so boring the average Joe or Josephine has zero interest in reading them through. And if there’s an attempt, part deux of the gauntlet is obfuscation.

Walter Cronkite is dead. Facts in the media are all but non-existent, replaced by subjective truths.

Subjective truths…Propaganda?

It occurs to me that many may not even understand the traditional definition, purpose or impact of propaganda.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

This week I heard the Mitt Romney campaign accuse Obama of robbing Medicare of billions of dollars. And yet, Paul Ryan’s (Romney’s running mate) “Path To Prosperity” plan will end Medicare as we know it (according to him).

How is that supposed to be interpreted?

Each of these “plans” are unproven theory. I have no desire to argue conjecture, it’s pointless, my issue is spin.  Enter Doublethink.

One campaign is bashing the other for doing exactly the same thing.


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