Tired of Trump

Getting tired of Trump press coverage. 

understand it.


American Idol, Housewives of…, Big Brother, Survivor, Kardasians, etc


When Trump gets called on the inaccuracy of his assertions, he doubles down. He screams it louder. He’s banking on the fact that the American public is too lazy or stupid to fact-check his statements. So far it’s working. Anybody familiar with Romans?


Let me get this straight, a billionaire real estate developer wants to put an end to the EPA?

I’m in shock.

Daily Journal Politics

Presidential Perspective

Barack Hussein ObamaThere is so much more going on than just the issues. There are issues with the issues. There is an undercurrent of non-public issues flowing through the veins of every American in regard to our president, Barack Hussein Obama. Whether you admit to it or not, a Black president named Barack Hussein Obama, made it to office….Fricking amazing.

Just the fact that a Black man named Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the presidency should make all Americans proud, unless you’re a white supremiscist. Obviously that doesn’t work for you, but you’re so stupid, who cares?

You’re so stupid, it never occured to you that a Black Man could ever be considered for the presidency of the United States of America. And after it happened, it was too late. Stupid f***.

Common Sense takes a giant leap into the abyss.

Whether you want to admit it or not, it changed the racial landscape in the United States of America, if for no other reason than it empowered a segment of a segment. It built a bridge of hope and validated confidence in all of us, period. The monumental event of an African-American person being elected to the highest office in the United States of America, the most powerful country on earth, resonated with the entire world and opened minds (except those cemented shut by hate and ignorance).

And what did we learn? That no matter what , there are still nimrods and closed minded curmudgeons determined to realize their own self fulfilling prophecy of self-destruction, and drag as many down with them as they can. I don’t know why people mentally or ideologically shutdown and snuff out any glimmer of a new thought or idea, but it irritates the hell out of me.

But they’re insignificant anyway right? They’re not here to help, so let’s move on


Political Ideology

Politicians don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, red, yellow or plaid. They only care about how well you’re doing in the polls. From a racial perspective, that’s actually refreshing. Societally, it’s diasterous.

Career politicians, as a category, have a conflict of interest. As a career politician, your first allegiance is job security, which means you make decisions that benefit you before your constituency. That’s a problem.

Time to start taking steps to eliminate “Career Politicians”.


Real Deal

Everybody’s truth is different. Truth is not facts. I’m looking at it from this perspective; President Barack Hussein Obama is 14 days older than I am. If we went to school together, I’d have played ball with him. We both grew up in the USA and were influenced by many of the same things. Chronologically and emotionally we experienced many of the same things around the same time. Lot of the same shit was going on when shit was going on with us. There’s a common bond there. To deny that is short sighted and ignorant.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do; put aside your prejudice, pressumption and party affiliation. Own that you’re approximately the same age and grew up in the same time as the man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, who runs your country and seriously contemplate what you would do in his place. If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, you’re not being honest, are you?

You can click off this page, but you can’t click off your conscience ( and if you can, please unfriend me on facebook).


Daily Journal Politics

Please Kill Our Soldiers

Pastor Terry Jones and Al Qaeda – Same Action, Same Result

Terry JonesBurn All The Books.  Burning books is good.  Books introduce subversive ideology into the minds of our young. Raid the libraries,  set Barnes & Noble ablaze, Nuke the educational institutions (oh yeah, institution – that’s a bad word, right? Cool.)

According to statements by Florida preacher Terry Jones, God wants our soldiers to die.  God wants Terry and his army of toothless inanity to enrage the muslim world, whilst our armed forces, our sons and daughters are in the crosshairs, brilliant.

At least Al Qaeda thought it was brilliant, because it proved to galvanize uneducated, disconnected communities against the west, which serves their purposes very well. I mean really, you know how your flock would react if they learned that muslims down  the street were burning bibles, right?

General David Petraeus publicly stated that it was a BAD idea.  But don’t listen to him Terry, he’s only in charge and actually has responsibility for our sons, our daughters, our mothers and our fathers fighting in that part of the world.  General Petraeus lives and breathes this issue, day in and day out. You, Terry, on the other hand have responsibility for their souls.  Thank God.  Because you’ve traveled extensively over there and are well aware of the situation, right Terry?

So for God’s sake, don’t listen to Petraeus.  You have God on your side.

Were Jesus alive, he’d be standing right next to you, holding his Bic Lighter ready to torch the next copy, because that was his way, right?

I distinctly remember reading the “Search & Destroy” scripture, the “We’ll all live, after we kill you” scripture, the “Slash each cheek with a bowie knife” scripture.  Sure, those were my favorites.

Hey, Terry…

Please don’t consider that your country was actually founded on the freedom of religion, naw, that just weakens your argument.  Besides, your parishioners don’t read that shit anyway (and they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, but you already knew that, huh Terry).  The constitution was written by a bunch of mutinous malcontents.  Imagine, being forced to follow one particular god, one religion…

Thank god you’re not bound by such incredulous notions, right Terry?

Some pinko hippie might suggest that by reading the satan-saturated text, one could learn about a culture that constitutes a large percentage of the world’s population, and use it to one’s advantage, but such aspirations are obviously misguided and obtuse.  (do you need a minute to google “obtuse” Terry?)

Because someone of your obvious mental superiority and worldly wisdom would surely recognize the far-reaching repercussions of their actions, right?

Obviously God has a greater plan.  You’ve spoken to him, right?  God is aware that the seemingly innocuous action of setting fire to the tantamount symbol of an immense portion of the world populations belief system won’t negatively affect my cousin in Afghanistan, right.  I can count on you Terry, right?

Should my cousin direct their amen to God, or you Terry?


Carly Fiorina – Is this a Joke?

Being a superstar salesperson doesn’t automatically make you a good manager.

Carly FiorinaI was never retained, considered nor ever acted as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP).  But, neither was I fired or, ummm.. “asked to leave”.

Successful management is a skill.  It encompasses a great deal of expertise, intuition and savvy regardless of the industry.  Success or failure can often be attributed to the adherence and respect given to basic principles.  Because let’s face it, if you don’t know the basics you’re going to lose.

Sometimes a single action, isolated in your consciousness, can be more telling than a mountain of press releases, reports or relentless spin.

When I read that struggling HP CEO Carly Fiorina, towards the ineloquent end of her embattled albeit short tenure, had fired three executives at 5 AM over the phone, I knew.

What do you call that kind of move other than cowardice?

Her reign as a media darling, which became pivotal points in her career, were sociologically well timed but what bearing did that have on her actual job performance?  Because quite frankly, she sucked at managing.  At a time when tech was blowing sky high, leading one of the most successful, well-funded, long-term companies in tech history, she managed to keep earnings and stock shares flat.

U.S. Senate? Really?

So now she wants a hand in running California, whoopee!!  My assessment of her is based on a single action, which is legitimate, because it’s something I never did in my 30 years managing, and would’ve never considered.  But don’t listen to me, read the comments of HP employees on their former boss:

And if that’s not enough, look at some of the media drivel she puts her name on. Seriously, the first time I viewed this clip, I thought surely it was a Monty Python skit.

What is it with these millionaires that think, all of a sudden, they know what’s best?…oh wait….I know…



Meg Whitman – WTF (part 2)

Politicians and Political Action Committee’s (PAC) are convinced that YOU are an IDIOT.

Meg WhitmanSince politics have existed, slogans aren’t used because they’re factual, but because they alter the view of the constituent.

Advocates for one issue/bill/candidate or another will beat you about the head and neck with slogans because they’ve learned that if you hear it enough, your subconscious will buy in.

Never mind the truth, never mind intelligent objectivity and reasonable debate, “WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT NOW!”

If you are simply a mindless troll who garners the bulk of your information from half-read headlines and TV and suffer from the affliction of lop-sided opinions fed to you by a single partisan viewpoint, then bail.  This will not interest you.

Sure I’m picking on Meg Whitman in this post, but no one is beyond reproach. And the idea is to get YOU to think for yourself.  Don’t be an armrest.  You know what happens when a group of citizens sit around and complain about everything but don’t participate?

”   ”

(nothing, start learning chinese because you’re not even a blip)

Making it Harder to Create Jobs

Time to dissect a statement or two from the Whitman campaign attacking California Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

In a recent TV commercial, Meg Whitman asserts that Brown makes it harder to create jobs and has “1,100 attorneys ready to sue over government regulations”.

First of all, on the face of it, what the hell does that mean?

There’s no context stated or implied.

The snippet in quotation marks was made at a Democratic convention in San Jose in 2008, and was in reference to companies who don’t comply with environmental standards (can you say BP or Massey?).  It had nothing to do with jobs.  But let’s not allow the facts to get in the way.

Record unemployment

Whitman’s ad touts 11% unemployment as “Record Unemployment”.  Really?  Today, under a republican governor, unemployment is at 12.3%.  During the great depression California’s unemployment went from 3% to 25% almost overnight.

So which record exactly is she referring to?

Jerry Brown, Bell and Oakland

In a direct mail piece, Whitman assimilates the payroll/pension scandal in Bell, California to Brown’s stint as mayor in Oakland.  The mailer asserts that when Brown was mayor the number of city workers who earned over $200k increased by 740% and that the number of city workers earning over $100k grew by 47.5%.

First, they don’t mention that California Attorney General Jerry Brown is currently investigating the Bell payroll/pension scandal.

Second, the  jump was attributed to a small pool of employees – most of them firefighters – who were chalking up more than $100,000 annually in overtime in the 2005-06 fiscal year. Two years before that, five Oakland city employees made more than $200,000. In 2005-06, that number jumped to 42. Of Oakland’s top 25 earners that year, all but four were firefighters. The others were police officers, an engineer and former city administrator Deborah Edgerly, who Jerry Brown hired.

Third, none of those came close to the 1.5 million dollars that ex-city manager Robert Rizzo made or the $450k salary of police chief Randy Adams.

BTW: the city of Bell is pissed that Whitman exploited them for her ad.

Look, if you’re not willing to at least consider insightful discourse or an exchange of ideas amongst those in your community who share your ultimate objectives (you know, a better place to live and raise your family), then why not just join the Taliban?  I’m sure you’ll find like minded individuals there.



Meg Whitman – WTF

Wait a minute…Meg Whitman

Just so I have this right,

A billionaire who hasn’t voted in 26 years suddenly decides she’s the most qualified to run California.

Immeasurable arrogance aside, let’s pretend for a moment there’s a moral preponderance for civic duty (which to date hasn’t been proven in any way).

Regardless of party affiliation, she’s spending too much of her own money.

Is that a precedent that needs to be set?

Does the state need  to be run by the person with the most money?

Imagine the possibilities.

Wow, another politician politically dodging questions and futilely attempting to divert the conversation.

How refreshing.


Political Common Sense and Morality

The art of modern politics is one part prestidigitation and two parts schmooze.

Question: What is the primary objective of a career politician?

Answer: A paycheck

The first taste of power is especially sweet and seductive.  One becomes aware of the potential for personal gain immediately.  So many with so much want to be your friend and give you things.  Isn’t that great?

While it is illegal for corporations to contribute directly to an individual political candidate, is there any doubt that an overwhelming corporate influence exists?  Billions of dollars are spent on lobbying.  Millions of dollars from a specific industry (or company sometimes) make their way to a candidates campaign.  Votes from candidates benefit the industries or companies who donated so generously.  True statements all.

The question is, how can a candidate connect in a substantial financial way with a specific industry or company and remain objective?

The idea behind democracy, as I understand it, is about people collectively deciding what’s best for their communities.

People care about the environment in which they and their families live.

What is the primary objective of a corporation?

If you answered anything other than profit, you’re wrong.

When Ford discovered in pre-production that the design of the gas tank in their “rush to market” Pinto model was flawed, they manufactured it anyway due to an internal “cost-benefit analysis”, which showed that retooling the assembly line would be more expensive than legal fees resulting from wrongful death lawsuits.

They put a price tag on human life, and it didn’t fair that well in their corporate collective wisdom.

I wonder how many of them or their families drove Pinto’s  after the report came out?

The example may be extreme, but it’s also true.  The bottom-line is the bottom-line for any for-profit corporation.  And these corporations have an incredible amount of influence over our political system.

The sad truth is that money is what determines an outcome of an election all too often and the motive behind the money does not always have the country’s best interest at heart.

(To Be Continued)