Daily Journal

One by One

Her dreams festered and died as she idly sat by.

Selling precious pieces of life to survive,

Hope bobbed futilely, drowning in a sea of insecurity and confusion.

Neglected fulfillment of empty promises,

Anguish,  isolation…

Her heart thrown into a cobweb clustered corner of a forsaken garage next to rusted screen doors and termite dregs.

Her voice more readily cold. Hiding welled tears and carpet stains.  Fear and apprehension. More than waiting, a void exists, a dark empty hole plunging to the depths of a putrid soul.  Each emotion swallowed scratches and claws as it crawls down.

Alone at daybreak.  Opening her eyes, she scans across the cluttered, claustrophobic paneled room.

The shabby, unkempt trailer she shares with a friend is located in Treasure Island.  Surrounded by prefab plastic and aluminum boxes, mostly inhabited by seniors in their twilight years waiting to die.

She’s haunted by the remnants of their life together.  She awakes expecting to see his sleeping face, close to hers, the dreams seem so real.

Aloneness tips the day into another struggle.  Her heart is as empty as the pillow next to hers that he used to share.

The wedding gown hanging desolate in closet dark is a disastrous  symbol of the love taken away. She’s still paying for the dissolved romance.

An evil thief stole her love, her heart and discarded it among the ruins of lost souls.

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