Daily Journal

The Muslims Are Taking Over

The fever-pitched paranoia and dis-information campaign organizers must be pleased.

The perversion of common sense continues as an increasing number of nimrods (informal def.) dismiss their own intellect for the destructive rantings of self-aggrandizing bigots.  Glenn Beck and Dick Armey are taking credit for mounting the divisive lather of hysteria witnessed on 9/12/2009 in Washington DC.  All that was missing were the nooses and men in white robes with white pointy hats.

The Muslim Population in the United States is 0.8%.  (see here) According to, the percentage of muslim population in North and South America is 1.06%.

Where in those numbers do you see the “Muslims Taking Over” as decried by an uninformed protester at the “homage to ignorance” rally on Saturday, 9/12? This daft and utterly baseless claim is a result of the alarmist tactics and irresponsible use of the media by those whose singular goal is higher ratings and increased revenues. But this antagonistic, albeit accepted approach will come at a price.  Press  reports confirm a politically motivated increase of intolerance, obstinacy and violent behavior.  How is that productive?  The only purpose for relaying disinformation in that manner is to provoke the ugly side within us.  Again, how is that productive?

  • FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe, event organizer, was caught lying about the attendance of this non-productive hate-filled gathering by inflating the number by about 30 times the actual estimate.  Obviously an effort to garner recruits by ridiculously puffing up the numbers.
  • Sean Hannity blatantly lied, falsely claiming that President Obama called insurance execs “bad people”.
  • Rush Limbaugh authoritatively blamed Barack Obama for the financial meltdown exactly one day after he was elected president.

Any thinking person would recognize the obvious ploys of these social detractors, but unfortunately that’s not what we’re dealing with.

This is what happens to a culture whose collective head has been softened up by approximately 60 years of television commercials, soap operas and the unchallenged use of deliberate false information in order to confuse and persuade the lesser and lazier among us.

If you only look to the right when crossing the street, one of these days you’ll end up pavement patè.

If you’re going to hold contempt for someone, maybe it should be the ones who encourage contemptuous behavior.   You owe it to yourself, your country and to those who bravely fight and have fought for your right to speak freely, to at least consider other view points before making a final decision.

Think with your own mind, not the one you borrowed from TV.